2 Main Reasons Why HunterXHunter Never Ended

Hunter × Hunter could be one of the most awaited anime. Whether it’s waiting for the new episode to come out, or waiting for the story that never ends. This also gave rise to many reactions, especially from fans who were looking forward to the continuation of the Hunter × Hunter story. After seeing Gon’s form against Pitou, you might be looking for an adult Gon action figure. Check https://elysian-anime.net/tag/adult-gon/ for references.

After the anime series premiered in 1999, the series was recycled again in 2011 with the addition of the Chimera Ant arc and the 13th Hunter Election. After that, there is another new arc, the Dark Continent. However, the arc did not end until now. In the last few years, a new story has emerged. Even so, the number is still less than in previous years. What do you think is the reason why Hunter × Hunter is far from over? Come on, see the review below.

1. The Creator’s Health Issues
Yoshihiro Togashi as a creator can be said as saying that the taro never ends Hunter × Hunter. Togashi took a lot of hiatus or leave since 2006. This made the manga series not continue and had an effect on the delay of the anime series. He admitted that he had back pain that would not go away. Although his condition is improving and returning to work on the series, Togashi will be on hiatus again in the near future.
Many fans say that Togashi is too lazy to continue his work. Because of this, fans gave Togashi the nickname “Hiatus x Hiatus”. In fact, Togashi is actually really sick, and difficult to continue this series.

2. To Perfectionist
Togashi is a well-respected mangaka in Japan. Many creators are inspired by his works, such as Masashi Kishimoto (Naruto) and Tite Kubo (Bleach). Togashi himself works very meticulously with his works and is often dissatisfied with the results he achieves.

Fans can certainly be proud because Hunter × Hunter was made wholeheartedly by the creators. However, due to this perfectionist side, the Hunter × Hunter story is hard to come to terms with. Like it or not, fans of Gon, Killua, and friends must be patient waiting for the continuation of the story even though it means forever.

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