How to take care of the garden to keep it beautiful

A garden in the area of the house will beautify the building. Besides that, it also makes a house green, cool, fresh, and comfortable. Gardens can also make residents feel at home. When bored after a long day at work, the garden will soothe the heart and cure saturation. How do you keep a garden beautiful? The trick is to treat it regularly, at least once every two weeks. Do it regularly with a sincere heart. Like family members, yes. So that the garden we have remains beautiful and pleasing to the eye. You can visit our website to get tesco garden furniture.


Equipment needed is garden shears, lawnmower if you have a large area, fertilizer, additional planting media if needed, small shovel, hoe, and broom. Also, a brush to clean pots and other materials that are mossy and dirty. If necessary, add plants to replace damaged or dead plants. There are several ways to care for a garden in order to maintain its beauty. We can do it ourselves or ask a gardener for help.

Keep Your Garden Clean
Always keep the garden clean by sweeping the leaves or twigs that have dried and fallen on the ground. So that the green color of the garden remains beautiful and is not covered by leaf litter. A clean garden will look beautiful. In this case, we do it every day, so that the park is kept clean of garbage.

Tidying Up Wild-Growing Plants
Trimming fast-growing plants to become wild must be done regularly and continuously. For example, grass or grass replacement plants usually tend to be wild and untidy. You do this by cutting it with a lawnmower or with garden shears.

Cutting Dried Leaves and Twigs
Some plants have dry leaves and twigs that don’t fall to the ground immediately, so it’s not enough to just clean them by simply sweeping. The leaves are still attached to the tree, even though they are dry, for example palm leaves. Leaves that are brown and withered will make the garden view not green and dirty. We have to cut it with garden shears, as well as tidy up the shape of the plant.