Yoga Are Beneficial For Productive Women And Teenagers

Yoga has many benefits for women in particular. For example, for women with an age range of 40-50 years, the benefits of yoga can be felt in relieving menopausal symptoms, such as muscle pain, more brittle bones, or increased cholesterol levels. For women over the age of 30, the benefits of yoga also vary, ranging from losing weight for obese women, improving sleep quality for those who are often busy, to as a youthful therapy in preventing premature aging of the facial skin. The effectiveness of the benefits of yoga for women with fat bodies or even obesity is felt when they have complaints on bones and joints. With this exercise, a person can also improve body alignment to reduce tension in these joints. Aside from that, you can visit🧘🌸-5-different-yoga-studios/ if you’re looking for good yoga schools in Ubud, Bali.


The best tip for yoga beginners with fat bodies is to pay attention to foot posture. Some yoga movements are performed with the feet hip-width apart. However, if you have a large body, you may be able to spread your legs further as far as you are comfortable. You can also use assistive devices such as yoga straps that can support you to perform various movements without any pressure on certain muscles.

Then, for teenagers who are in school, college, to those who are just exploring the world of work, yoga also offers a lot of benefits that can build a good foundation for body and mind coordination during adolescence. Through breathing and awareness exercises that are taught when doing this body exercise, it is hoped that teenagers will be able to regulate themselves and how to react to stress more calmly and confidently. This self-confidence can also give a positive impression to be more accepting and loving the bodies of teenagers, who may experience changes due to lifestyle and hormones in the body. It also builds self-discipline in behaving, thinking, and managing emotions with the ability to regulate attention and patience.