Types Of Sheet Pile

In the last decade, the development of retaining construction has been growing rapidly, one of which is the use of sheet pile walls or simply sheet piling. The main purpose of this construction installation is to hold the soil from sliding due to the working load and to optimize the use of available land around the sheet pile installation by CMI Limited Co.

To avoid landslides in civil construction, sheet pile walls are needed. For example, when there is work on a slope, the installation of sheet piles is an obligation because the strength of the soil is feared not to be able to carry the workload that occurs.

Compared to gravity walls, sheet pile walls are more effective and safe. The general difference between gravity wall and sheet pile lies in the material and stability analysis of its construction. Sheet pile has relatively thin dimensions (compared to gravity walls) so that it can save more land on the project. However, stability security checks should also be emphasized because structural security is a priority. Here are some types of sheet piles that you need to know.

1. Sheet Pile Cantilever
Cantilever sheet piles are sheet piles that in resisting lateral loads rely on the strength of the soil structure in front of the wall. The lateral deflection that occurs is relatively large and is only suitable for holding soil of medium depth.

2. Armored Pile Sheet
Sheet Pile anchored is a ground anchor, also known as an alluvial anchor or ground anchor, has been developed in Europe about 20 years ago. Anchored sheet piles are suitable for holding deep excavations but still depend on soil conditions. Withstand the existing horizontal load by relying on soil resistance on the sheet pile which is embedded in the ground with the help of an armature mounted on the top.

3. Sheet Pile with Platform
Sheet piles with a foundation withstand horizontal earth pressure with working piles and a foundation is made to lay certain buildings.

4. Elek Cellular Dam Sheet Pile
Cellular Elect Dam sheet pile is a sheet pile in the form of cells filled with sand. This type of sheet pile is able to withstand soil pressure by relying on its own weight.

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