Why Choose a Dental Implant?

What if we are still young but there are some of our teeth that have been lost? Whether because revoked, accidents or other causes. Definitely not convenient right? Moreover, the missing teeth are the anterior teeth (front teeth) that has a high aesthetic value that can degrade your confident. So what if the missing teeth are the posterior (rear gear), even though not requiring high aesthetic yet posterior teeth used in the function of mastication someone who will cause a sense of discomfort when eating. Loss of teeth is a case that is often encountered in the field of dentistry. Lose teeth ideally should be immediately repaired. There are several ways you can do to replace missing teeth, namely, removable dentures and permanently false teeth (denture bridges or dental implants). If you intend to perform dental implants, you can visit us at dental seo expert.

What is the difference between removable dentures with permanent dentures?

– Removable dentures
Dentures are designed in such a way that the user can easily detach and install without the help of a doctor or dentist. So that the user can freely release gear anytime to clean the dirt on the teeth.

– Permanent Dentures
This type of dentures are not removable. Installation of this type of false teeth a little tricky and takes a bit longer because the necessary calculations and proper design. As procedures and making more complicated than conventional ones.

Which is better, removable dentures or permanent false teeth? Here are the benefits and advantages of dental implants compared to the removable denture.

– Functional and Aesthetic
The masticatory function of patients can be perfected and also restore the patient becomes more captivating smile with teeth similar to the original tooth. There will be no one who knows you’re wearing dental implants.

– Maintaining the tooth structure
Dental implants do not require dental diminution, unlike denture bridge. Thus, the next dental health is not compromised and remain intact.

– Confidence
Dental implants will make you become more confident in speaking and performing in front of a friend or colleague, and you can eat comfortably and confidently. You do not have to worry if the denture saw swaying while talking or eating, or scared off due to loose as the removable denture.

– Level of success
The success of dental implants in the long term has been demonstrated very good. So, indeed the price is comparable to the results to be obtained.

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